Asian elephants in Maduru Oya National Park, Sri Lanka
Angola giraffe during sunrise - Etsoha Np, Namibia
Blue wildebeast in Etsoha NP, Namibia
African fish eagle in flight
Crested barbet perching
Eurasian coot swimming
European bee-eater in flight
Greater and lesser flamingos
Lilac-breaster roller perched on a tree trunk
Oriental pied hornbill
Yellow wagtail on red tulips
Plains zebra fowl in black and white - Kruger NP, South Africa
Black and white portrait of a hippo
Silhouette of birds on a branch - Kruger NP, South Africa
Vervet monkey silhouette
Close up of the eye of an African elephant
Close up of an Celon elephant
Portrait of an African elephant
African elephant face in light and shadow
Dead tree
Horsen in golden sunrise mist
Sunset light over a field of Narcissus
Purple heather Stabrechtse heide
Purple sunset colors in Galle, Sri Lanka
Star and stripes - Hallerbos, Belgium
Watercolour sunset lake IJssel
Sunrise on a foggy morning in the dunes - AWD, The Netherlands
Golden sunset on windy day at the beach
Wood hyacinth and fresh leafs in Hallerbos
Green rock with sunset light
Elephant standing in sunset lit vegetation - Kruger Np, South Africa
Leopard posing in high grass - Sabi Sands, South Africa
Lions roaring in sunset light - Etosha, Namibia
Lion and lioness in backlit grass - Kruger NP, South Africa
African elephants during sunset with a flock of birds flying over - Kruger Np, South Africa

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