South Africa 2017

01 July
South Africa 2017

May 2017 I visited Kruger NP and Sabi Sands. The main goal of this trip was to find and photograph the elusive leopards. For this trip I have used a Toyota Hilux with rooftop tent for an ultimate safari experience. In Kruger NP campsites where booked in different parts of the area.
On the first day of safari the Big Five had already been spotted and the sightings kept very nice and diverse through out the rest of the trip.

Half way I swapped the rooftop tent for a luxury stay in the Sabi Sands reserve. Sabi Sands is well know for its leopard sightings. The reserve did life up to its reputation. Within 10 minutes of the first gamedrive I had spotted the first leopard already. It was laying on the ground hidden in high grass. When we moved closer it seemed that one of her eyes was damaged. Later that evening we even got to meet her daughter. In the following days leopards were seen everyday. Besides the leopards there were sightings of lions(also a female with very young cubs), hyena's with cubs, wild dogs and all kinds of antilope. Another impressive experience was to be sitting in a jeep in the middle of an elephant herd.

After Sabi Sands I headed back into Kruger NP to spend the last few days. Like the first days in Kruger there were plenty of sightings like Rhino, Cheeta, Leopard and Lions.

Gallery South Africa 2017

Closeup of an elephant eye
Portrait of a lioness
Juvenile hyena
Silhouette of weaver birds on a branch
Crested Barbet perching on a branch
Female leopard during the night
Rhino is sunset light
Plains zebra fowl
Juvenile lions playing
Cheeta on the lookout
portrait of an impala
Lion and lioness in backlit grass
Leopard portrait in the dark
Vervet monkey silhouette
Marabou stork during sunset
Elephants and birds during sunset
Elephant in orange sunset light
African fish eagle during sunrise
Black and white portrait of a majestic lion - Sabi Sands, South Africa
Leopard posing high grass
Leopard on a termite mound

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