Madagascar 2019

31 December
Group of ring-tailed lemurs - Parc Anja, Madagascar

September 2019 was all about a three and a half week journey through a special piece of Africa, the red island called Madagascar. The variety of landscapes and the exceptional animals, that are endemic to Madagascar, make it a unique destination.

Don't expect the usual big animals that roam through Africa, but look for the smal, smaller and even smallest of animals. There is a big diversity of lemurs and reptiles to be seen.

The trip started at Isalo Np, this destination is also called the Colorado of Madagascar with its rough and rocky terrain. Its also home of a few groups of ring-tailed lemurs that are easily spotted around the tracks. To get to Ranamafano a stop was scheduled in Ambalavao, which has a small nature reserve called park Anja. This is also a great place to see ring-tailed lemurs.

In Ranomafana there are a lot of different Lemurs. The private guide was keen on showing the best locations and the rare to find species. He, and his tracker, managed to find all day active lemurs species that live inside this rainforest. On top of that there was a sighting of the Fanaloka (Fossa Fossana). Ranomafana is also a great area to spot chameleons during night walks.

The next stop was Andasibe, which is a well know area for spotting the biggest lemur, the Indri indri. By the breaking of dawn you would hear its distinct call, which can be heard from around 2-3 Km distance. Another beautiful lemur that can be found in this area is the Diademed sifaka. With its bright orange colours it stand out from the other lemurs and the surroundings.

The last part of the trip was by car, and boat, to Canal des Pangalanes. This is the best area to view the biggest night active lemur, the Aye-Aye. With its distinct look, and claw with a long finger, it looks like it could feature in any horror movie.

Gallery Madagascar 2019

Sunset light over the Malagasy country side - Ambalavao, Madagascar
Panaromic view of the canyon viewpoint - Isalo Np, Madagascar
Chameleon resting in a plant during the night - Ranomafana, Madagascar
Green oasis in the middle of Isalo Np, Madagascar
Portrait of a  Verreaux sifaka - Isalo Np, Madagascar
Malagasy civet in its natural environment - Ranomafana, Madagascar
Milne Edwards sifaka sitting in a tree - Ranomafana, Madagascar
The "claw" of an Aya-Aye - Ile mon désir, Madagascar
Parsons chameleon during a night walk - Ranomafana, Madagascar
Close-up of a Parsons chameleon tail - Ranomafana, Madagascar
Adult ring-tailed lemur with a baby - Parc Anja, Madagascar
Ring-tailed lemur eating fruit from the forest - Isalo Np, Madagascar
Portrait of a curious ring-tailed lemur - Isalo Np, Madagascar
Large cliffs and rough terrain in the Southern part of the island - Isalo NP, Madagascar
Close-up of the Indri indri - Canal des Pangalanes, Madagascar
Aye-Aye night portrait - Ile mon désir, Madagascar
Black and white ruffed lemur walking on a branch - Canal des Pangalanes, Madagascar
Small chameleon on a blade of grass - Ranomafana, madagascar
Diademed sifaka climbing in a tree - Andasibe, Madagascar
Diademed sifaka in its habitat - Andasibe, Madagascar
Frog hiding between fern leafs in the night - Ranomafana, Madagascar
Black and white portrait of a chameleon head - Ambalavao, Madagascar
Golden bamboo lemur in the rainforest - Ranomafana, Madagascar
Black and white portrait of the Indri indri - Canal des Pangalanes, Madagascar
The rough terrain of Isalo Np, Madagascar

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