Costa Rica 2012

08 October
Volcano Hummingbird (Selasphorus flammula) feeding from a flower.

October 2012 I have made a round trip through Costa Rica, a country known for its beautiful and abundant Flora & Fauna. The county has a large range of diverse nature reserves which are all worth a visit. The highlight of my trip were:

Tortuguero NP - A boat ride, on the river, through the rainforest and mangroves will show you an abundance of birds, one more colourful than the other. When following the river you are welcomed by the sounds of monkeys. It is also possible to witness the hatching of turtles at the beach in Tortuguero. Sadly this part of the trip had to be canceled due to bad weather.

Monteverde NP - This park is one of the bigger tourist attractions with canopy tours and zip-lines through the rain forest. This NP is also perfect when you want to enjoy nature. Hiking through the forest, with its abundance of hummingbirds, is recommended.

Corcovado NP - A boat ride of approximately 2 hours over open waters will bring you to this remote NP. It is only possible to visit this area with a permit that will give you acces for a maximum of three days. This is one of the best area's to see the elusive jaguar. But the area is also home to a lot of interesting animals like the puma, tapir and sloth. As a nature photographer you can spend entire days photographing wildlife in the area.

San Gerardo de Dota - This is one of the prime locations to spot the beautiful Quetzal. Sadly I did not manage to get this bird close enough for a decent photo.

Gallery Costa Rica 2012

Black-handed spider monkey (Ateles geoffroyi) climbing
Black-handed spider monkey (Ateles geoffroyi) portrait.
Black spiny-tailed iguana (Ctenosaura similis) on a branch.
Black spiny-tailed iguana (Ctenosaura similis) portrait.
A brown pelican (Pelecanus occidentalis) in flight at Corcovado NP, Costa Rica.
Brown Pelican (Pelecanus occidentalis) perching on rocks with the sea in the background - Corcovado NP, Costa Rica.
Brown-throated sloth (Bradypus variegatus) climbing in a tree in the rainforest of Costa Rica.
Magenta-throated Woodstar (Calliphlox bryantae) in flight.
Mantled howler (Alouatta palliata) portrait.
Female orange-bellied Trogon (Trogon aurantiiventris) perching on a branch.
Red-eyed tree frog (Agalychnis callidryas) - Tortuguero NP, Costa Rica.
Rufous-collared Sparrow (Zonotrichia capensis) perching.
Volcano Hummingbird (Selasphorus flammula) feeding from a flower.
White-headed capuchin (Cebus capucinus) portrait.

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